Kekasih Nadi

Since its formation in 2011, Nadi Singapura Ltd has been focused on engaging and empowering our community, including our youths through the art of traditional Malay drums and percussion drumming. Instruments such as the rebana – gendang melayu, jidur, rebana kompang, hadrah, angklung and talempong – are some of the intangible cultural heritage of our community, and we aim to elevating the art of performance with these drums to a new visible level, ensuring relevance and prominence in the current times. Through our rigorous training and capability building programmes, we also aim to nurture the next generation of cultural leaders for Singapore’s arts and cultural sector.

Through our relentless efforts, we have been accorded the Charity Status under the Charity Act in 2019. This year, we are launching a new fundraising initiative called Kekasih Nadi, or Lovers of Nadi. By coming on board as a Kekasih Nadi, you will be directly supporting our creative works and our ongoing efforts to touch the lives of our fellow Singaporeans. Some of them, are youths who have risen and become a part of our core ensemble members, while others remain as our close supporters over the years.

To show our appreciation for our Kekasih (Lovers), we offer a host of benefits such as complimentary tickets, meet and greet passes, exclusive merchandise and more.

Your generosity as a Kekasih Nadi will help to support the livelihoods of hundreds of freelance music professionals from performers, designers, technicians, educators and more.

Please get in touch with us at if you need any help or have any questions.

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