We are Nadi Singapura

Formed in November 2011, the Nadi Singapura ensemble is made up of young, aspiring and impartial musos who believe in uplifting their traditional drums and percussions like none other. Nadi, which means ‘pulse’ or ‘flow of consciousness’ in Malay, features the most common Malayan drums found in Singapore namely the kompang, rebana, jidur and gendang in their performances. The ensemble is led by two renowned individuals in the Singapore Malay Arts scene, Rebana artisan, Yaziz Hassan and prominent drummer/ percussionist, Riduan Zalani. Both founders aim to position Nadi Singapura as a dynamic ensemble which adopts an innovative approach in the use of the Malay Archipelago drums. 

Nadi Singapura, while still early in its pursuit, also actively participates and leads in initiatives to promote the traditional arts, including inter-disciplinary and inter-cultural exchanges through programmes such as Yok Sembang Gendang, Himpunan Serumpun, SERENTAK and Singa Drum Gaia among others. The aim of the formation of the Nadi Singapura ensemble is to spread the sounds of the Malayan Archipelago, with its unique and distinct presentation coming from the lion city.


Mohd Yaziz Bin Mohd Hassan

Co-founder/Executive Director

Having been actively involved in traditional Malay music and cultural activities since he was in school, Mohd Yaziz’s passion has exposed him to various cultural exchanges, performances, workshops and competitions, both locally and internationally. Also the Assistant Leader of Singapore Malay Orchestra and ex-President of the Singapore Dikir Barat Federation, Mohd Yaziz has brought traditional Malay music and culture to the international stage through various performances and workshops. He is ever-committed to grooming the musical talents of our youth, seeing him helming the responsibility of conducting students and young musicians at numerous events including the Singapore Drumming Festival (2005), Commonwealth Youth Program and Youth Olympic Games 2010, working closely with the National Arts Council and People’s Association.

In his 33-year musical career, Mohd Yaziz has bagged close to 20 awards in dikir barat and traditional Malay music competitions, including the National Day Parade 2009 Silver Award for his being a part of the NDP09 Show Committee.

Riduan Zalani

Co-founder/Artistic Director & Head of Development

Riduan Zalani is one of Singapore’s most prominent artists, versatile in producing and performing various drums and percussion, both traditional and contemporary. His diligence, discipline and skills has made him an essential part of numerous local and international performing groups: Semangat Keris (Previously known as Keris Movements), OrkeStar Trio, Orkestra Melayu Singapura, Wicked Aura, Batucada Sound Machine (NZ), One Asia Classic Orchestra (JPN) among others. 

In August 2018, He also released his first solo album, “Gelombunk” and his first instructional DVD, “That Beat Of Faith”, both dedicated to the study and performance of the Malay drum, Rebana Asli (Bebano/ Gendang Melayu).

For his courage and resilience in putting Singapore on the global world music scene and his dedicated efforts in developing the local Malay music scene, Mr Muhammad Riduan Bin Zalani is conferred the Young Artist Award 2015, Singapore Youth Award 2013 and the ASEAN Youth Award 2013.


Hamizah Abdul Hamid

Marketing Manager

Hamizah Abdul Hamid delved into arts management quite by accident after completing her Bachelor of Business degree.  For the past 10 years, she has been keeping her hands full as a manager, marketer and designer for Nadi Singapura and OrkeStar Trio. She indulges in live performances by rising and seasoned artists alike or finds comfort in a good book or film at home on her off days. Hamizah is also passionate about social work and connecting with people from all walks of life through volunteering with various non-profit organisations.

Nizar Fauzi

Assistant Artistic Director & Secretary

A name synonymous with world drums and dance, Nizar Fauzi has caused waves in the arts and the community over the last 20 years.

Under the guidance of his parents, he began his early years in Malay traditional art forms with pioneer dance ensemble, Sriwana. As one of the many youths involved, he strived to seek his own identity and individual style. Soon after, he was talent scouted by Singapore’s premiere Malay traditional music ensemble, Sri Mahligai and grew from a percussionist to becoming one of the main singers of the band. He later joined Sambiesta & Wicked Aura to further satiate his hunger for other styles of music and to explore his potential as a percussionist and a singer.

Nizar Fauzi possesses the tools and capabilities of bridging the human voice with the rhythms of the people, crafting movements and choreographing them into a harmonious and inseparable entity. This was further enhanced with the establishment of Nadi Singapura, paving his way for further artistic exploration, thus allowing him to grow into a respectable choreographer among his peers.


Board of Directors

Ms Audrey Perera
Strategic Advisor, True Colours Festival

Ms Julina Khusaini
General Manager, The Malay Heritage Foundation Ltd

Mr Quek Ling Kiong
Resident Conductor, Singapore Chinese Orchestra Company Limited

Mr Mohamed Yaziz Mohamed Hassan
Co-founder/Managing Director, Nadi Singapura Ltd

Mr Muhammad Riduan Zalani
Co-founder/Artistic Director, Nadi Singapura Ltd


Mr Zaqy Mohamad
Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Defence & Ministry of Manpower
Deputy Leader of the House