SINGA DRUM GAIA is the first of its kind in the lion city. First launched in 2015, the annual drumming fiesta celebrates the vibrancy and the eclectic drumming traditions of the world that is present in Singapore today. 

Through the years, SINGA DRUM GAIA has engaged close to 600 local drummers and attracted over 30,000 audience members.

The fiesta will kick off with drum workshops by local drum professionals, followed by concerts featuring prominent youths, notable pioneers and celebrated ensembles that have grown and spread their reach far and wide, carving their own unique sounds and performances, harnessed from their origins and surroundings.

The programme is conceptualised and directed by Mr Riduan Zalani (recipient of the Singapore Youth Award 2013, ASEAN Youth Award 2013, Singapore Young Artist Award 2015) together with Nadi Singapura Ltd (recipient of National Arts Council Major Grant Award 2022-2025).