Reka Palu Challenge

We invite you to compose your own music using the beats from our Nadi Singapura Sample Pack!


  1. Download your free Sample Pack from Nadi Singapura’s website
  2. Get creative and compose your own music of duration 2-3.5 mins
  3. Submit your compositions (audio in .mp3 format, video in .mp4 format) to by Sunday, 21 Feb 2021.
  4. Winners will be announced on Sunday, 28 Feb 2021.

Entry Criteria:

  • Singapore citizen


  • Best Music Composition

1st Prize: SGD300

2nd Prize: SGD200

3rd Prize: SGD100

  • Best Video Presentation
  • Viewer’s Choice Award (composition/video with the most number of likes on Nadi Singapura’s social media accounts)

All winners will be presented with a certificate and a pair of tickets each to Nadi Singapura’s next production. Winning compositions and videos will also be up on Nadi Singapura’s website throughout the month of March.